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Solar Submersible Pump In Nigeria

2024-05-29 17:50:11

This is a solar irrigation pump project located in Nigeria, Africa. The customer needs a powerful solar pump that can maintain agricultural production on the farm, and must be durable to avoid frequent equipment replacement. Finally, after comparing several mainstream brands in the Nigerian market, he chose SAMKING's solar powered submersible pump. SAMKING's product advantages include strong, high stability, and long-lasting durability, and our prices are also more competitive.

Water pump model: 4SP2-16

Power type: solar irrigation pump / solar water pumps for agriculture (ac dc hybrid)


Max head:160m

Max flow: 5.4m3/h

DC voltages range: 60-450V

AC voltages range:90-240V

Pump body: stainless steel 304 (stainless Impeller)

Impeller type: centrifugal

Number of solar panels used: 9 pieces 340w solar panels

Project photos:


SAMKING solar water pumps have been serving the Nigeria for more than ten years, providing customers with a full range of solar water pumping solutions. We provide Philippine customers with hundreds of models of solar water pumps to choose from, including submersible solar water pumps and surface solar water pumps, which can meet any customer scenario demand for solar water supply, relying on SAMKING's technical advantages and high quality, high stability and durability, it has become one of the most popular solar water pump brands in the Nigeria, with partners and agents all over the Nigeria. If you want to purchase our water pumps, please contact us at Leave us a message directly below the article and we will provide you with the solar water pump price in Nigeria.

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