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Solar Water Pump For Irrigation Philippines

2024-05-30 17:34:49

For a solar water pump for agricultural irrigation project located in the ilocos sur area of the Philippines, customers need to pump water from nearby rivers to their own farmland for irrigation. SAMKING solar water pumps help customers easily solve their crop irrigation needs and help them achieve lower costs and greater profits.

Water pump model: 4SPW1-21P

Power type: solar water pump for agriculture / solar powered water pump for irrigation (DC input)


Max head:240m

Max flow: 3.7m3/h

DC voltages range: 60-450V (Best:220-300V)

Pump body:
stainless steel 304

Impeller type: centrifugal

Number of solar panels used: 7 pieces 340w solar panels

Project photos:

SAMKING is one of the most popular solar water pump brands in the Philippines. Relying on our technical advantages, high stability, long-lasting durability and high cost performance of our products, we are well received by Filipino customers. SAMKING has many agents and partners in the Philippines. If you have any needs for solar water pumping solutions, you can leave us a message directly below the article. We will recommend the nearest agent to you to provide you with sales, installation, and maintenance. One-stop service.       


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