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Solar Water Pump In South Africa

2024-04-17 11:17:45

This is a SAMKING solar irrigation project on a small farm in Cape Town, South Africa. The customer hopes to divert water from a nearby river into a pond he built to facilitate daily farm irrigation and drinking water for livestock.

Solar water pump model used in the project: 4SPW8-5P-A

Project location: Cape Town, South Africa  

Power type: AC/DC solar water pump for agriculture irrigation


Max head:67m

Max flow: 17.0m3/h

DC voltages range: 180-230V

AC voltages range: 150-240V

Pump body: stainless steel 304 (plastic Impeller)

Impeller type: centrifugal

Number of solar panels used: 6 pieces of 340w solar panels

Project photos:

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