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1.5 inches
Power:  600W
Max Head:  88m
Max Flow:  60L/min
Controller:  external
Power Power type Max head Max flow Outlet size
600W DC 88m 60L/min 1.5 inches
DC voltages range AC voltages range Controller Pump body Pump length
65-110Vmp(VOCmax=150V) - external stainless steel 304 0.63m
Impeller Impeller type Certification Warranty
plastic centrifugal CE, TUV SUD, UL, ISO9001, ISO14001 2 years

Using encapsulate motor (water filled motor)

No risk of leakage ,effectively higher ,life longer than oil motor. 

Using thrust bearing, lower parts loss 
The thrust bearing effectively higher ,life longer. 

Using the brushless DC motor , long service life, low noise and good safety
BLDC motor Efficiency higher 10% than AC motor, higher RPM make pump size smaller than AC motor , much easier installation. The service life of Brushless DC motor can reach 10000 hours, while the brush and slider of Brushless DC motor are worn, and the maximum service life is 2000-3000h. Without MPPT controller, the efficiency of Brushless DC motor is very low, at the same time, there is no protection, the noise is very large, and the safety performance is obviously lower than that of Brushless DC motor.

Obtained a number of certification, reliable quality
The company obtained ISO9001 & ISO14001 certification, and the products obtained TUV SUD & UL certification.

Voltage range ,we offer much Wider scope than any other factory ,make pump system much more smart .

Main Function
● Double Shielded motor, brushless (BLDC), permanent magnet motor. 
● Encapsulated water filled ,thrust bearing motor 
● High Efficiency MPPT 
● User self-design control model, automatic running 
● Tank water level control 
● well water level control 
● Dry-running protection 
● Over-current protection 
● Over-voltage Protection 
● Over-power protection 
● Over-load protection 
● Reverse protection 
● Lighting and surge protection 
● Over temperature protection 
● GPRS RMS function (Optional) 
● Voltage /current/ power/RPM/ controller temperature display (external controller models) 
● Error report(external controller models ) 
● Two years warranty