Technical service

Zhejiang Pengyang Mechanical and Electrical Co. Ltd., is a focus on solar water pump research and development, production and sales company. We have a complete technical team. In the field of solar water pumps, we continue to study in depth, as well as the accumulation of market applications. At the same time, the company continuously improves and consummate the quality and function of the product, and accumulates a lot of experience in the application of the products. Not only to provide high quality products for customers, also to provide customers with high quality pre-sale and after-sales service. The company provides professional guidance for project, product selection, application, installation and maintenance. According to different standard or special functions and requirements of working conditions. The company provides special customized value-added services, such as RMS, generator intelligent starting and stopping, and so on.

Service brand connotation

Service slogan: mechanical service everywhere 
Service spirit: depending on the customer's time is more precious than gold.

Service icon explanation: people represent service personnel, holding tools to serve the world. 
Service tenor: create value for customers.

Service objectives: customer-centric, implementation of timeout and value of service. 
Service requirements: simple and comprehensive and timely.

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